Human Anatomy Human Physiology Biochemistry
Pediatrics Microbiology Pharmacology
Radio-Diagnosis Community Medicine Medicine
Ophthalmology Psychiatry Surgery
Orthopedics Oto-Rhinolaryngology Dentistry
Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy Obstetrics And Gynecology
Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases   Forensic Medicine (Including Toxicology)
Pathology (Including Blood Bank)


The Preclinical departments of Anatomy , Physiology & Biochemistry go on with their task of medical education to 1st MBBS students with the help of well-equipped infrastructure available. The newly admitted students undergo ‘Orientation Programme’ in which they are counseled and guided on the basis of being good quality medical students and high-quality doctors with comprehensive approach. They are given a guided tour of college and hospital to familiarize them with the campus. The curriculum is implemented and updated as per the guidelines of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik and Medical Council of India, New Delhi.


The Para clinical departments play the role of strong pillars for clinical departments, supporting and assisting them in patient care. These departments have sophisticated laboratories equipped with all recent advancements required for research and diagnosis. They have dedicated teachers and have well-furnished spacious halls to undertake undergraduate teaching.


Our clinical departments play a central role in patient care; all 13 clinical departments provide quality patient care. The college and hospitals are staffed by about 200 physicians who are faculty and serve about 1.8 lakhs patients each year.